With our array of color options and technically advances manufacturing process, we can say you’re going to love these laces.

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Fashion classical polished men's brown oxford brogues shades of brown oxford brogues.Conept flying shoes.Gray background
Best Shoelace
Collection Out There.

Designed to make your shoes insanely noticed and exceptionally stylish… like the fashionista you are. Our classic colors and premium materials clean up any pair of shoes.

  • Ideal leangth of 32 & 35 inches
  • Woven with 100% premium cotton
  • 7 colorful pairs in every box
  • Sealed in wax for shine & strength
Toucan Laces
True Modern Classics.

Made of technically advanced materials such as premium cotton then waxed to bring out their shine and color.  They’ll add that extra detail to a style which is all your own.


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High-Quality laces.

Our advanced weaving technology allows for longer lasting laces.  The curated selections of colors in every box will bring out the your style and are sure to start conversations.
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Designed in U.S.

Exquisitely designed in the United States, our shoelaces are defined by cutting-edge technology and designed for the everyday waredrobe.


From Boring to Extraordinary

The final flourishes to the shoes you love is to lace them up with an array of colorful options. Hey! If you like brown and black, we’ve got those too.

Natural Materials

The best stories start with a great beginning; our exceptional quality, premium cottons are sourced from aroud the world to bring you only the best.